About e-INS 2021

About e-INS 2021

e-INS 2021 Theme

“Using the legacy of the past to design and build the future of Neuromodulation together”

Transatlantic Vision Plenaries

The idea is to bring the message of the Congress ‘Using the legacy of the past to design and build the future of Neuromodulation together’ to the delegates through plenary sessions that talk about the latest research work and greatest clinical expertise in our field on both sides of the Atlantic. Delegates have the chance to hear and participate in sessions about the current hot topics, including novel waveforms, new targets, multidirectional systems, controversial indications, motor electronic rehabilitation, challenges that people are facing and what solutions are being considered and/or employed. Part of the focus will be on economical restraints and reimbursement regulations. Many of these plenaries will be held in a ‘Pairs on the Podium’ style where we bring together leaders in the field from both Europe and US/Australia.

e-INS 2021 Sessions

Most of the sessions on the first full day are dedicated to patient-centered topics. The main topics are Pathologies and neuromodulation indications, where presenters present both what is already the practice and what will or may happen in the future.

The second full day is more focused on Devices and Technology – Are we in a period of evolution or is it more of a revolution? Are developments due to need and necessity or just in order to create for the sake of creating? Are the consequences positive or are they just causing ‘disruptions’ in our field?

The congress also addresses the pressing issues of Big data and Registries, whether and how restrictive  are the reimbursement regulations, what are the limitations, what is happening in our health care systems. What can we do, how do we go about fulfilling the potential bearing in mind the restrictions?

Conflict of Interest is a massive issue. We have created a dedicated session to this issue alone. Looking at the legacy and the present guidelines, we will discuss whether the portrayal of industry as the bad guys with their own agenda is a true representation or whether the present guidelines are becoming too puritanical. How do we work within the guidelines at the moment? What should appear in the COI guidelines going forward? What do WE think?!

This congress acknowledges the important role of nurses in the team. They are at the forefront of patient care and the true interface of the health practitioners. Before implantation they coach, assess, describe procedures, reassure and alleviate anxiety in patients. During implantation and hospitalisation they assist in perioperative pain management, help patients to program devices in order to optimise the therapy. They are crucial! In the past, many congresses focused on the academic and more theoretical side of the role, here we are exploring the roadmap of the patients’ procedures. We will be holding interactive open discussions involving all nationalities and thus benefit from expertise from across the globe.

European cadaver workshop

e-INS 2021 is proud to introduce its first European cadaver workshop for young neuromodulators. This is a unique experience for new professionals who will be coached and mentored in practices of Neuromodulation by neuromodulation “Giants”. Participants will find it interesting and challenging, and at the same time gain a new level of confidence in procedures.

We look forward to welcoming you in Paris!