Cadaver Workshop

Cadaver Workshop

Cadaver Workshop for Beginning Neuromodulators

“Converting Beginners’ Interest to Confidence”

Registration is now open!

Cadaver Workshop Information

Date: Thursday, 2 September 2021
Time: 7:30 – 12:30

Location: L’École de Chirurgie du Fer à Moulin
(Transportation to the venue will be provided. Meeting point and time: TBA)

e-INS 2021 is proud to introduce its European cadaver workshop designed for beginning neuromodulators.
The e-INS cadaver workshop is a unique opportunity for beginning neuromodulators to receive education and guidance from international experts in the field.
This workshop is aimed at new professionals (beginners with no experience or neuromodulators who have only performed up to 5 implants) who will be coached and mentored in practices of neuromodulation. This workshop will be both interesting and challenging, and participants, by the end of the workshop, will have gained a new level of confidence in basic neuromodulation.

– The workshop starts with four presentations from top experts explaining fundamental principles of Surgical Spinal Cord Stimulation

  • The Science Behind SCS: Basic Anatomy and Physiology
  • SCS – What is it about? (Focus on Patient Selection)
  • SCS – How to? (Focus on SCS Implantation Techniques)
  • SCS Long term Outcomes – How to Manage Complications

– The second part of the workshop allows participants to familiarise themselves with different devices/instruments

  • Through SCS and PNS demonstrations (Not included in the main CME/CPD event)
  • Hands-on practicals at cadaver workstations
  • The 36 delegates are divided into groups

Surgical Practices included in this workshop are:
– Cervical and Lumbar Approach
– Percutaneous leads
– Surgical leads
– DRG (Dorsal Root Ganglion Stimulation)
– PNS (Peripheral Nerve Stimulation)
– Intrathecal Drug Delivery
– Paravertebral Muscle Stimulation

For the first 90 minutes:

Half the participants will attend cadaver workstations and have the opportunity to see how an expert performs certain procedures such as a lead implantation procedure, from lumbar and cervical percutaneous lead implantation to anchoring, tunnelling and IPG implantation technique. Participants, divided into groups of three, will participate in two 40 minute practicals with up to two dedicated experts proctoring the workstation.

Then, they will carry out the procedure themselves with the expert’s individual attention and guidance. The high ratio of experts to participants allows a participant to gain valuable practice and individualised instruction.

The other participants will have the opportunity to attend SCS and PNS  demonstrations provided by the manufacturers who accepted to support this cadaver workshop. These demonstrations are not included in the main CME/CPD event.

For the final 90 minutes:

The groups of participants swap so that the ones attending the SCS demonstrations move to the cadaver workstations and workstation groups attend the SCS and PNS demonstrations.

Registration is now open!

Registration for the cadaver workshop can be completed during the congress registration process. If you are already registered for the congress, please contact to register for the cadaver workshop.

Please note: This workshop is limited to 36 participants only. Participation is on a first-come, first-served basis.


Course directors:
Prof. P. RIGOARD, MD, PhD – France, Dr. K. MEIER, MD, PhD – Denmark

Guest speakers:
Prof. P. RIGOARD, MD, PhD – France
Prof. S. ELDABE, MD, PhD – United Kingdom
Prof. M. MOENS, MD, PhD – Belgium
Dr. C. TORNERO, MD, PhD – Spain


Dr A. AL-KAISY – United Kingdom
Dr. B. BOUCHE – France
Dr. A. DARIO, MD – Italy
Prof. S. ELDABE, MD, PhD – United Kingdom

Dr. D. RASCHE, MD – Germany
Dr K. GATZINSKY, MD, PhD – Sweden
Prof. M. MOENS, MD, PhD – Belgium
Prof. P. RIGOARD, MD, PhD – France
Dr P. SLOTTY, MD, PhD – Germany
Prof. M. STEEGERS, MD, PhD – The Netherlands